Works List


  • "Me he perdido" (2015) *commissioned by American Composers Orchestra for SONiC Festival 2015

  • “What Keeps Me Awake” (2008)

  • “Small Dream in Red” (2005)

  • “PSR” (2007)



  • "This Person" for flute, clarinet, horn, percussion, voice, 2 violins, viola, cello and bass (2016) *commissioned by NY Philharmonic Biennial 2016

  • "dóabin" for loadbang (baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet & electronics) (2015)

  • "Dust" for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and electronics (2015)

  • "Cosmorama" for violin, french horn, piano (4 hands) and electronics (2015)

  • "There and Not Here" for Iktus Percussion & ETHEL (percussion trio and string quartet) (2014) 

  • “Quimbombó” for Cadillac Moon Ensemble (fl., vln., vc. & perc.) (2010)

  • “What I’m Trying To Say Is…” for TRANSIT ensemble (vln., vc., bass cl., perc. & pno.) (2009)

  • “Drawings for Meyoko” for janus trio  (for fl., vla., hp. and electronics) (2009)

  • “Fulano” for Cygnus Ensemble (fl., ob., mand., gtr., vln. and vc.) (2009)

  • “Count To Five” for Iktus Percussion Quartet (2009)

  • “The Flying Trapeze” for woodwind quintet (2008)

  • “They Swim Under My Bed” for three violins and piano (2008)

  • “PSR” for accordion and prepared piano (2007)

  • “Círculo cromático en seis partes” for six violins (2005)

  • “Tres insultos para dos violines” for two violins (2004)

  • “En el recreo” for fl., bn., hn., sn., vln., db. (2003)

  • “Triste Silencio Programático” for string quartet (2002)


  • "Las desaparecidas" for cello and electronics (2016) *written for Amanda Gookin

  • "the place we are" for keyboard and electronics (2014) *written for Emily Manzo

  • "La Isla Mágica" for double bass and pre-recorded electronics (2013) *written for Eleonore Oppenheim

  • "Panorama" for cello and pre-recorded electronics (2012) *written for Evelyn Farny

  • “The Peculiar Purple Pie-man of Porcupine Peak” for piano and pre-recorded electronics (2011)  
     *written for David Friend

  • “The Little Things” for toy instruments and live electronics (2011) *written for Phyllis Chen

  • “I Can Still Hear You” for accordion and electronics (2009)

  • “La intervención” for solo piano (2008)

  • “Columpio” for toy piano and electronics (2008)

  • “Technicolor” for harp and electronics (2008)

  • “Mercedes” for solo guitar (2007)

  • “Fuchsia” for solo piano (2008)

  • “Alguien sube por el camino inventado” for solo cello (2005)

  • “La bicicleta de cristal” for solo vibraphone (2003)

  • “Sueño recurrente No. 1: veo carros fantasmas” for solo piano (2002)



  • "The Loveliest and Saddest Landscape in the World" for boy soprano, mechanical percussion & electronics (2014)

  • “FONO” for chorus and live electronics (2011) *commissioned by MATA Festival 2011 and written for Cantori NY

  • “There Once Was…” (2011) *written for Choral Chameleon

  • “Mi Lumía” for three female voices (2009)

  • “Parsimonia” for six female voices (2005)

  • “Pensamiento No. 1″ for female voice and piano (2003)

  • “Catorce menos” for children’s voice and harp (2003)

  • “Malabarismos” for female voice and flute (2005)



  • “Casa Tomada” for chamber orchestra (2006)



  • "Memories of a Penitent Heart" for solo cello and electronics. Film directed by Cecilia Aldarondo.

  • "Los Condenados" for chamber ensemble and electronics. Film directed by Roberto Busó (2012)

  • “Seva Vive” for orchestra. Film directed by Francisco Serrano. (2006)

  • “The Sisterhood of Night” for string quintet and harp. Short film directed by Jeffrey Moss. (2006)

  •  “How the Dodo Became Extinct” for accordion, harp and electronics. Short film directed by Shelley Dodson. (2005)

  • “Diario Vietnam” for string quartet. Film directed by Alfredo Rivas. (2004)

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